The most recent talks I’ve given are listed first and then it goes, chronologically, back to a series of talks given in 2014/15. The substance of those original talks will have been duplicated in some of the extended ‘answers’ given to the seventeen questions posed: in part because those original talks were source materials in which the ideas were developed.

12 Dec 21: LOVE comes from Jesus – not SIN

11 Jul 21: What ‘Faith’ and ‘Belief’ meant for Jesus & for Paul

25 Dec 18: Christmas 2018 – the sermon that never was

31 May 2015: What Does the Trinity Mean 

15 Feb 2015: Doubt & Questioning the Detail

14 Dec 2014: Thought for the Cyclists’ Carol Service 2014

5 Oct 2014: Repentance thro The Kingdom of God

12 Aug 2014: Jesus Talks About The Kingdom of Heaven NOT Sin

14 Jun 2014: Shibboleths of Christian Belief

3 Jun 2014: The Bible CAN’T be The Divinely Inspired Word Of God

3 Jun 2014: God Is Working His/Her Purpose Out Thro The Church – Really???

29 May 2014: Making God’s Dream Come True

2 Mar 2014: A New Model for Creation

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