Jesus preached a Kingdom of God centred on love. When asked which was the most important commandment he was clear, saying ‘Love the Lord your God’ AND ‘Love your neighbour’. Everything else is theology/speculation – some helpful, some not.

The most basic lessons of Jesus’ life, death & resurrection are simple:

  • There is a God, so life has meaning.
  • In Jesus we see the nature of God and that nature is love
  • Love is, therefore, the critical factor in Creation.
  • There is a life after death in some form.

How then, since we ‘went mainstream’ 1700 years ago have Christian people and Christian authorities so managed to ignore the Love of God in favour of issues Jesus shows no interest in – sin, sex, homosexuality, abortion etc etc? Strip it back to his words & actions and we’d have a clearer example to live by and a better message to take to the world.