Love versus Souls & Sin – the Christians obsession with sin?

If we regard Jesus as cementing the place of ‘love’ in creation then anything – ANYTHING – which goes against love in wrong. It’s wrong if reported in the Old Testament of the Bible. It’s wrong in the history of the church through 2000 years and it’s wrong today. Love NOT sin or the saving of souls is the fundamental reality of the world. In fact ‘sin’ for the Jews of Jesus’ day mean failing to follow the complex set of Jewish rules. Jesus himself rarely mentioned sin except in the context of healing & to give a reason for those healed to accept the healing. Paul writing to the early churches subtly changed the meaning of sin from ‘failing to follow the law’ to ‘failing to follow Jesus’ words’; and based on that Augustine turned sin into the dirty, tainted, evil acts that characterised medieval world – the last traces of which stay with us today.